Remote Support Agreement

I, the undersigned, hereby grant Chautauqua Institution the authorization to perform service to my computer, network, or any other electronic device, and agree to all of the following

Chautauqua Institution repair service can include, but is not limited to, both the software and hardware on any device. Chautauqua Institution is not liable for any loss of data. It is solely the responsibility of the owner of the device to backup all data before any service. Chautauqua Institution is not liable for any failed attempts at data backup or data recovery, due to the volatility of damaged data or systems. Chautauqua Institution is not liable for any data loss due to infected files and does not guarantee the effectiveness of 3rd party software. There is no absolute guarantee of repair due to the nature of technology and the possibility of preexisting conditions on the device. Chautauqua Institution includes a 7 day warranty against faulty repair, viruses and malware. Chautauqua Institution holds the right to void that warranty due to illegal media downloads such as, but not limited to, Limewire, Frostwire, BitTorrent, and/or adult content on this device. Purchasing a device or service from Chautauqua Institution and having anyone other than Chautauqua Institution technicians service such device may void any warranty. All Chautauqua Institution posted policies and guidelines.